Learning and Teaching Summer Programme: Empowering Our People

It’s been one week since the end of the summer programme and we thought we’d try and bring together some of the resources made available throughout the week and to give some reflections on the event.

Firstly we would like to put on record how grateful we are to all those who took part. Presenters, poster creators, attendees, guest speakers – the whole lot of you.

We were able to record a large number of the sessions and all of the recordings can be found and viewed here.

You can also access a number of the presentation slides and a full account of the tweets sent during the week using the #UoHLT18 hashtag.

Some of our key takeaways were:

  • Importance of student engagement in all aspects of curriculum design (including assessment)
  • Importance of working with teams and directorates across campus to ensure joined up approach
  • Communities of practice needed to enable the continuation of conversations around learning and teaching including digital identity, innovative assessment and student analytics.

Your initial feedback has also allowed us to reflect on the programme and to identify some key learnings for future events. These include:

  • Marketing – we received some comments that the marketing of the event could have been improved. We will work with colleagues in central marketing to improve this going forward.
  • Clarity – There was some confusion on the set up of the programme and the difference between the conference and the workshops. We will look to improve communications around this.
  • Sign Up – We are aware that using different interfaces to register for the conference and the workshops was not ideal and will look to resolve this in the future.

We will be reviewing all the feedback over the next few weeks and will produce a full report when completed. If you haven’t already, there is still time to give your feedback on the conference or workshops.

We really enjoyed the event and hope that it has inspired you to reflect on your practice.

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