Canvas: Update on SITS integration

We are planning to push 18/19 courses from SITS to Canvas with the new structure and module codes that will link assessments in SITS to Canvas assessments.

This will mean that in the near future we will be temporarily “deleting” (hiding) 18/19 courses that are already in Canvas and have been pushed from AIS.

What does this mean for me?
What this means for you is that if you have already begun work on your 18/19 courses that were generated by AIS, *nothing will be lost* as we will ensure a smooth transfer to the new SITS-generated courses.

How will we do this?
We will identify 18/19 courses with content created in them already and store a list of them as a CSV file. We will then delete (hide) all old 18/19 courses whilst the SITS team push out new content.
Then, once the new 18/19 courses are successfully pushed across, we will support those courses with content in their old course to do a simple import_from_old_to_new process.

More news to come when we have a date for the SITS push from the SITS team.


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